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Passionate iOS engineer / SW developer

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name: Cyril Cermak phone number: ‭‭+61 435 839 326‬‬ E-mail:
Who am i?
I am a passionate iOS developer who is willing to learn new technologies day by day. I am really keen on the whole software development process. Currently, I am open to new opportunities in Sydney.
What my story is?
When I was 20 I started working as an IT technician for movie productions. I did a lot of networking and servers for the clients. I became a D.I.T and Data Wrangler on the movie shooting almost after 1 year of the IT jobs. I was working on a lot of advertisements a couple of movies and did also 2 series of Musketeers which is a famous series from BBC. I was focused on the networking very much that time. I built first LTE router in the Czech Republic with my colleague in Macwell company. The company has more than a 30 of them now and is making a huge profit from it. After 3 years I made enough money to go to the college as I really wanted to know more about SW Engineering. At around 70 people started that Bachelor course but only two successfully finished and I was one of them. I started working as an iOS Developer while I was studying at the college. I worked on a project for Skoda cars which was a very innovative automotive application then I worked for other clients. I have also developed my own application for iPhone and iPad for students at Unicorn College. I have been focusing on the iOS development for about a two years. I would like to become a senior iOS developer one day.
What my hobbies are?
In my free time I like to train or teach kung-fu. I also like hitting the gym, riding the skateboard, having talks with my geek friends and so on.
How can you contact me?
Please feel free to contact me on my email or on my phone +61 435 839 326‬.


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Here's what i'm doing

Creating a beautiful looking iOS applications is my passion. I like projects that are moving the whole mobile area forward. Creating something challenging and new is very motivated for me.


The Swift is my favorite programming language in the iOS development process.


I prefer to use the Swift for the development but I am very confident in the Objective-C as well.


The apps that I am doing are usually built for iPhone and iPad but I can also create apps for iWatch.

24/7 support

Supporting the apps after the release to the AppStore is also very necessary and common thing.

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other skills

I gained a lot of technical skills at my work and at the Unicorn College.

work experience

Porsche AG

( Apr. 2019: present - Germany ) iOS Smart Mobility Engineering Lead

Developing new smart mobility apps for the new Porsche 911 GTR3.


( Jun. 2018: present - Australia ) Founder, SW Engineer

eosMate is an EOS blockchain explorer on iOS. It allow EOS users to interact directly with the EOS blockchain. Users can perform almost any action that is available on their blockchain account.


( Jun. 2017: present - Australia ) Founder, SW Engineer

AchieveMe is a social network where people can share goals, motivate each other or create a challenge between friends. AchieveMe was designed and developed(including website) by me. For more information please visit

Freelancer International ltd

( Nov. 2017 : present - Australia ) SW Engineer (iOS)

Development of the world largest platform for freelancers and employers for Freelancer Ltd. is the world's largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace by number of users and projects. Freelancer connects over 30,000,000 employers and freelancers globally from over 247 countries, regions and territories.


( Sep. 2017 : Nov. 2017 - Australia ) SW Engineer (iOS)

Dishme is a trusted marketplace to get tasty & authentic food from the best cooks around you. I was hired to work on DishMe iOS app. The app


( Sep. 2017 : Nov. 2017 - Australia ) iOS developer (Swift)

PFC is international Floorball cup happening in the Czech Republic. I was hired by them to develop a new iOS application for their tournament.

eMan s.r.o.

( Oct. 2016 : Jul. 2017 - Czech Republic ) iOS Developer

eMan company is among the leading Czech providers of mobile solutions. I was working on a lot of projects. The biggest one was for Skoda car where I was developing CarPlay application. The app was a breakthrough in connecting car with mobile phone.

RWB Marine

( Jun. 2016 : Sep. 2017 - Australia ) IT consultant, network administrator, computer technician, iOS developer

Self employed

( Sep. 2015 : Present - Czech Republic ) IT Support for movie productions and small businesses.

Unicorn College

( Sep. 2014 : Jun. 2017 - Czech Republic ) Bachelor of Information Technology - Systems engineering

Unicorn College is a private college offering high-quality bachelor training in ICT, economics and management.

Macwell s.r.o.

( Mar. 2012 : Oct. 2015 - Czech Republic ) Mac specialist / D.I.T.

The Macwell company is focused on repairing Apple products and has a special department for movie shooting. I did a lot of commercials as a D.I.T and data wrangler.

Other experience

Some of my achievments that I am proud of.

Freelancer Datascience and Engineering

( Apr. 2018 ) Modular Architecture on iOS and how I decreased build time by 50%.

Read on Medium

Freelancer Datascience and Engineering

( Sept. 2018 ) State Of The Art Architecture For Large Scale iOS Apps

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Article for iOS community

( Mar. 2019 ) Localising iOS App Modules

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Business certificate 2

( Jun. 2015 : Sep. 2015 ) Student

Certificate that was focused on the business knowledge in the Australia.

IBM Hack IoT

( Apr. 2016 ) Main Developer and the team leader

2nd place in the competition from IBM.

Unicorn College Competition

( May. 2016 ) iOS Developer

1st place in the mobile app development.

"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the universe trying to build bigger and better idiots. So far, the universe is winning. "

- Rick Cook -

My portfolio

Skoda OneApp
Nosferatu In Love
Crossing Lines

- Michal Klic -

Project Manager

I worked with Cyril on the Uniqa and Pojistovna projects at EMAN. Cyril has the can do attitude which I really appreciate. He was also trying to finish the tasks by the deadline. Even when he did not finished it by the deadline I knew he did the best he could.

- Daniel Jay Lett -

Team Leader

Great team player. Cyril worked at my team for one year and I was very happy with his work. When he was not absolutely sure about the task that he had he was always asking if he understands it correctly. That is what I prefer instead of doing stuff that are wrong in the final.

- Basil Sanders -

Head of IT Department

Cyril helped me a lot at the R.W.B Marine company. He is great at networking, server-side stuff and infrastructure. Instead of all the IT stuff he also did a two prototype iOS applications for the company. I was working with him remotely from Sydney when he was at Prague and it worked very well for both of us.

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